Updating kitchen wooden cabinets drake and bria myles dating

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Note that stained wood and glossy finishes have to first be de-glossed; I use a liquid sander, Wil-Bond, that’s applied with a rag.

Above: Abbey and Phil Hendrickson transformed their kitchen by painting the cabinets in Forest Canopy, a deep, deep green Valspar Paint, and a white from Home Depot (specifics since forgotten).

To embrace our kitchen until we’re ready to remodel, I made a few simple changes.

Our kitchen is like so many – it’s filled with 80’s oak cabinets, okay, veneer cabinets and soffits, which make the room appear smaller.

If your kitchen is looking a bit tired, you don’t have to spend a fortune to give it a fresh new look.

All it takes is a little time, effort and creativity to pep up the heart of your home.

If your cupboards are a bit dated, in terms of style and or colour, why not consider just replacing the doors if the framework is still in good shape?

There are a host of companies that specialise in providing replacement doors.

Unfinished, painted, and stained wood all work well, as does MDF, compressed/faux wood.

The wood grain can manifest itself in two ways: through the texture of the wood and also the grain bleeding through the paint.

Check out this post on ways to minimize the grain when painting oak cabinets.

Below is a slideshow of some of my favorite client kitchens that I’ve done. If you have maple or cherry cabinets, they paint up beautifully.

Oak can have a similar result, it just takes a little more effort to get there.

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Paint in general is easiest and least expensive way to transform a kitchen.