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But until then, we feel that you still can’t go wrong with our top pick, the Valentine One.Cobra updated their i Radar model with the smaller i RAD 900 (i Radar Atom).Will have to wait to test on a long trip till next month but, this new upgraded V1 is supposed to filter out false K signals created by driver assist electronics in the newer cars. Yeah, my wife's GTI has a Escort 8500 and it has recently started to pick up loads of false Ks.I bought her the Valentine One for Christmas but she didn't like the way it fit in her car.Well, since it's Valentines Day I thought I would mount and wire my new Valentine One Radar detector in my new Q60RS.I bought it at Christmas and decided to keep it for myself.I used a Blend Mount mirror mount that was designed for the V1 and Japanese made mirror stem.It mounted really secure with no wiggle, very stable.

With the help of the speed-trap-subversion experts at Laser Interceptor, a laser-jammer manufacturer, we measured each detector’s range with five radar sources in four different scenarios.Some new detectors have been introduced since we wrote this guide, including a new Escort model called the Max 360 that has a rear-facing sensor and multi-arrow display similar to our top pick, the Valentine One.We will update this guide after we’ve been able to do a thorough evaluation of the major new models.Three models that seem to garner the most buzz are the Escort Redline (9), the Escort Max 360 (9) and the Valentine One (9).These three share a feature found in no other windshield-mounted radar detector: dual radar antennas. A black housing, an absence of chrome trim and a utilitarian red LED display certainly are more restrained.

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I ran the power wire behind the mirror, into the front of the headliner, down the driver side front pillar and into the fuse box. Bob I would love if scanners/radar detectors were legal in my area..