Three dutch inventions dating from 17th century Ww cam sex video

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After an erratic phase, which lasted 5 years, the spiral spring got a normal feature of portable watches, increasing their precision considerably.The leading watch producer was England in terms of number and quality followed by France and Geneva.Musketeers used no armour and were armed with fuse muskets as their main weapon.A musket was about 1.25 m (4 ft) long, about 7 kg (15 lb) in weight and 18 to 20 mm (about 3/4") calibre. A marksman could fire a fuse musket only once every two minutes.This change was to have enormous repercussions on the art market.Although the birth of a capitalistic society is often cited in relation to the sudden explosion of artistic production in the Netherlands, the abundance of money may explain why pictures could be bought, but it does not explain why they were so strongly desired.The English watchmakers were very prolific, especially towards the end of the 17th century, taking advantage of the Portestant exodus from France, which included many talented watchmakers.These formed the basic and largest number of a regular army.

In 1675 the balance spiral spring was introduced, leading to fierce discussions about who to credit as its inventor.

The Swiss, who will lead the watch market by the early 20th century, were mostly involved in copying English work even usurping well known names such as Thomas Tompion and Daniel Quare, sometimes misspelling their names or even inventing non-existing English watchmakers to sell their low quality products.

This practice will continue until mid 19th century where also well known French watchmakers will be copied.

Curiously, just to the south, France, a much large country, had far fewer painters even though the arts had been actively encouraged by Louis XIV.

One explanation for the Dutch desire for paintings is related to the population's quintessential affection for their land and home.

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