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Now I know I have only been in Sweden a couple days (and will hopefully return permanently) but from reading various blogs and talking to Swedish girls, the dating system here is screwed up and really confusing. I guess workers should get busy during the day, otherwise they might get laid off.NOTICE MARCH 20th, 2010: This post is now CLOSED for comments. There are plenty of Swedish stereotypes and, while Swedes hate them and will argue that they aren’t true, the fact, is some of them really are. Let’s sort fact from fiction when it comes to the stereotypes Swedes hate.There are a lot of blue-eyed blondes in Sweden but there are plenty of brunettes as well.

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You just won’t see it coming because it’s done stealthily. Some Swedes hate Abba on principle – too cheesy, sick of the lingering spectre after all these years.

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