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Rhodes serial number dating

I turned to the Internet to do some more networking which resulted in a major turn of events as I met two individuals who have become instrumental partners in this project: Greg Huntington and Devin Riebe.Greg is a long time Fender collector who is very knowledgeable not only in the details, but in the circuitry as well.I knew that buying one without auditioning it in person was extremely risky so the 'net auctions and classifieds were not an option.But the silverface Twin Reverbs, once a bargain on the vintage market, were starting to climb in value. Since I am an advocate of separate heads and cabinets (I like to swap cabinets with different speakers to experiment with sound varieties) I wondered if Fender ever made a head version of the Twin Reverb.

A dear friend met up with me and gave me a Peavey backstage amp and a Jackson strat.Final inspection at the factory only verified that the amp made sound at all - quality control was nonexistent.I would agree with this as I did audition a 1969 silverface Twin Reverb at another store, and it had horrible icepick treble sound, not at all tubey or fenderish. We have recently (7 Aug) completed a "clean-out" of old listings in the Gearslutz Member Services directory.Any & all listings that were posted more than 365 days ago have been deleted so that we can ensure the directory remains up-to-date.

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Here's the exchange: Is the circuit or year code stamped on the tube chart in back?

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