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“Remind me how you say ‘he got stabbed’ in Spanish – I had it in my last project but I’ve forgotten it”. ” Some of the students in my group are clearly fascinated with swearing, and I have to admit I can relate to this.

And, while these are all great tools, they need to be used wisely.

Defendant Sentenced to Life in Prison for Child Molest: In January 2000, a male defendant was sentenced to 141 years-to-life in prison.

An investigation by the San Diego Police Department and the local FBI uncovered a videotape and photographs of the defendant molesting a young child.

’ Just before the song begins and the dancers hurl themselves out onto the stage, a sweet and awkward fifteen year old in the obligatory terrible blazer comes out and haltingly reads a disclaimer from a crumpled script.

Apparently the students “didn’t notice the lyrics until they’d already choreographed the dance” and so they hope to cause no offence to the audience (parents, younger children and the rest of the year group).

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Written by Ed Waugh and Trevor Wood, this production is directed by Leah Bell.