Joseph dempsie dating hannah murray

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Joseph dempsie dating hannah murray

So Nick’s story is a definitive proof that Joe is gay, right? Nick clarified later that he was joking when he made the statement.

The show is preceded by its reputation for an explicit and exaggerated portrayal of teenage misbehaviour, and the first episode – which involves one character’s quest to lose his virginity and sell three ounces of cannabis at the same party – does little to reassure.

In fact, its insight into what lies beneath the surface of such a lifestyle is startling.

At the time, it was a source of anxiety for parents about what teenagers were getting up to when they weren’t looking, but for television executives it was pure gold.

Joe Dempsie Joe played Chris, who was the mate that always went a little bit too hard.

The character tragically died of a brain hemorrhage like his brother in Season 2.

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LF: In 2008 you told a British “celebrity gossip” Web site that you had a four-month, abusive gay relationship with Skins co-star Joseph Dempsie, and everyone seemed to take it, and want to take it, seriously despite the fact your claim seemed rather insincere.