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Inspiring messages will be taught at our Sunday and Wednesday services, as well as, in the Children's and Youth Ministries. Prayer is most powerful when done in agreement with other believers.

So we are having a special Prayer Night to kick off our 30 Days of Prayer.

Pray for consistent study of Scripture, memorization of the Word, and other spiritual disciplines like prayer, tithing, fasting, etc.

Pray he would not be discouraged in his pursuit of God but would run the race of faith with endurance all his life.

Other days you’ll be encouraged to journal or write down your thoughts about a particular marriage related prompt.

Every day will also have at least one verse for you to study and pray over your husband.

On Friday, October 6th at 7pm we will celebrate our prayer successes together with a night of Praise and Worship.If you are trying to see what day falls on the exact date difference of 30 weekdays from today, you can count up each day skipping Saturdays and Sundays.Start your calculation with today, which falls on a Sunday. To get exactly thirty weekdays from now, you actually need to count 42 total days (including weekend days).We never made it because we ended up attempting to grab a “quick bite” before at Alma. In short, I took this super-romantic dental implement as a sign that we were exclusive.That quick bite turned into an intimate** three-hour dinner followed by a scary movie back at TO’s place. (I think I was actually right this time.) Fast-forward four days to us at another dinner.

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Students will also discuss with their peers the issues they face and they will learn how to pray concerning those issues.