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It might help to think about how you usually find out answers to things you have questions about.

Is there a place you usually go to find out things or a person you usually talk with?

Yeah, I have to be mindful of avoiding situations with me lurking in the shadows.

That’s kind of fitting for people to see me like that (laughs).

So if something is happening and you're not sure about it or in any way uncomfortable you have the right to say no and talk about it with someone you trust who can listen and support you.

The daughter of a preacher, she always felt comfortable talking about sex and, after a while, grew to believe God was “nudging her” to speak to a bigger audience.On June 23, 2004 HIV In Site and the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies convened a panel of experts to discuss the increasing popularity of the Internet as a medium to meet sexual partners among men who have sex with men.Participants: Philip Huang, Asian Health Service, Oakland, California; Jeff Klausner, MD, San Francisco Department of Public Health; Deb Levine, Internet Sexuality Information Services, San Francisco; Greg Rebchook, UCSF Center for AIDS Prevention Studies; Frank Strona, Mark Vogel: Welcome to today's roundtable discussion sponsored by HIV In Site and The Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, both at UCSF.The podcast encourages women to speak up for their sexual needs and desires, educate themselves on their anatomy, and explore what brings them pleasure.According to the hosts, it has been downloaded 30,000 times.

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People can mean different things when they talk about sex, so it's important you are aware and informed.