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my car is about 3"s off the ground, and in the year ive had my intake, i have yet to have a problem. Most people won't tow you out and will leave you stranded in a foot of water. However, when you spend enough to get it going fast you find out they don't turn well due to chassis flex and body roll.

and ive driven thru some deep puddles, and in the middle of massive rain storms. I've had to tow two idiots out from the under pass at 141 and I-44 near St. Usually you're fine if your moving, but if traffic stops you're screwed... Get the suspension redone and chassis stiffened and you learn the thing doesn't stop, put better brakes on and you realize you could have bought yourself a mid to late 90s Vette for less than what you've payed.

It's been a long time, a very very long time, since I had a good assfucking." He husband had died a few months before of a sudden massive heart attack. I was very pleased with myself and proud to show her off. But I'm not writing about her, although she plays a part. We'd been dating for a few weeks when she finally confessed that she had a daughter, an eighteen-year-old daughter.

She's strikingly beautiful, and she's Korean-American. "I had her when I was eighteen myself." "You were married that young?

My very first date, our first, we started kissing in his car after the movie, right in the movie house parking lot." She giggled.

General Manager Tom Cress and Project Director Jason Haines are just two of the many people still very much involved in cranking out powerful LPE street and race engines.To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.We have a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography.then get a high flow cat...pulleys set..go for AEM..i use them too...is your civic DOHC or SOHC....??? As a driver you grow accustomed to rapid accelerations weather you recognize it or not driving a rapidly accelerating car means you'll grow to expect rapid deceleration and the ability to turn rapidly...if yours a DOHC get set of cam gears..a set of stage 1 cam..u just want to race around the street...mostly...thats all the bolt on parts...u want to spend a little more $$$ u can port and polish your motor....modding a car is not that simple after all that stuffs u put on..u need to think of the braking system and your suspensions..... Basically if it starts fast you expect it to stay fast...

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